Grade 3 Resources


Math icon external link 
Dynamic unlimited supply of fun themed work sheets and brainteasers as well as holiday themed word problems. icon external link
Covers all topics of Grade 3 math with online practice tests and games. icon external link
Printable worksheets with answer sheets for all grades. Entire Grade 3 curriculum including:

Third Grade Science Worksheets: Animal families, planets
Third Grade English Worksheets: Proper Nouns, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones
Reading Comprehension, Punctuation, Pronouns, Capitalization

Grade 3EQAO icon external link
Online practice tests for Grade 3 language, math and science. icon external link


Plants icon external link
Learn how plants grow and different parts of a plant. icon external link
Why do plants have flowers? How does pollen transfer? What are the parts of a flower? Learn the answers to these and many more questions when you take A Closer Look at Plants.

Dirt/Soil icon external link
Find out the dirt on soil from Discovery education. icon external link
S.K. Worm answers your questions about soil and stuff.

Magnets icon external link
All your questions answered about magnets plus cool experiments.

Structures icon external link
Basic notes about bridges and other simple structures. Includes photographic examples of a variety of structures.

Planets icon external link
Fun interactive trivia game about the solar system by NASA kids. icon external link
Interactive solar system…just click on a planet to learn about it.

Social Studies icon external link
Pioneer Life in Upper Canada: 8 website links to answers all your questions about Pioneer life, complete with illustrations and activities.

Urban and Rural Communities: 7 website links to summarize the topics of urban and rural communities. Also includes links about Canada' land, government and people as well as geographic info about Canada and its' provinces.