Grade 3 Resources


Math icon external link 
Dynamic unlimited supply of fun themed work sheets and brainteasers as well as holiday themed word problems. icon external link
Covers all topics of Grade 3 math with online practice tests and games. icon external link
Printable worksheets with answer sheets for all grades. Entire Grade 3 curriculum including:

Third Grade Science Worksheets: Animal families, planets
Third Grade English Worksheets: Proper Nouns, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones
Reading Comprehension, Punctuation, Pronouns, Capitalization

Grade 3EQAO icon external link
Online practice tests for Grade 3 language, math and science.


Dirt/Soil icon external link
Find out the dirt on soil from Discovery education.

Structures icon external link
Basic notes about bridges and other simple structures. Includes photographic examples of a variety of structures.

Planets icon external link
Fun interactive trivia game about the solar system by NASA kids.

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