Grade 4 Resources


Math icon external link
Visit this interactive site full of games, puzzles and math problems galore! icon external link
Help build your skills on this site that's all about fun and interactive learning from the mathematics experts!

Language Arts icon external link
Brush up on your writing, spelling, vocabulary and organizational skills on this helpful, grade-specific website.

Optics - matter and materials icon external link
Fascinating facts all about optics, light, lenses and lasers. icon external link
Check out this site that's all about matter in its many forms. You've never had this much fun learning!

Pulleys and gears - simple machines icon external link
Everything you need to know about simple machines like pulleys, gears, inclined planes, wheels and more and check out examples built by kids like you!

Food webs - habitats and communities icon external link
Learn all about food chains in the interactive 'build a web' activity on this awesome site. icon external link
Check out the world's habitats on National Geographic's extreme geography site - for kids only!

Rocks and minerals icon external link
Rocks rock! Visit this site full of fascinating facts, rock jokes and tonnes of information about rocks and minerals.

Social Studies icon external link
Knights, castles and all things medieval are the focus here on these informative sites for fourth graders. Learn about the different parts of castles, the roles of people in medieval villages, and lots more!

Canada info icon external link
All the project info you'll need about the physical geography of Canada