Grade 5 Resources


Matter and Energy icon external link
This site covers the curriculum areas taught in elementary schools by offering lots of fun sites full of information for kids to visit. icon external link
Science Online is an innovative project to deliver the science curriculum for grades K-8. This site offers informative information on the following topics: Matter, Energy, and Earth.

Early Civilizations icon external link
This site investigates the importance of the environment on modern society and describes the influence of early civilizations on modern society.

Aspects of Citizenship and Government in Canada icon external link
EdSelect offers a collection of web sites chosen by teachers and students. These sites match the Ontario curriculum. The links are offered by grade level and subject title. This web site is up-dated often.

Space System icon external link
The materials used for this site are visually appealing and offers great ideas for projects. icon external link
This site highlights the history and achievements of planetary explanations, both Earth-based and by spacecraft.

Life Systems icon external link
This site lists various links that will provide information on this topic.

Structures and Mechanisms icon external link
Information is provided for the following topics; Science of Structure, Effect of Shapes, Nature's Engineers and Fun Structures. It also provides ideas for projects that can be made at home.
Learn about the types of motion, mechanisms and compound mechanisms.