Grade 7 Resources



Wired Math icon external link

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources icon external link 
Check out this link to resources supporting McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s Mathematics 7: Making Connections.

Nelson Student Centre

Visit Nelson’s website for practice with Math Focus 7 icon external link

Visit the Student Centre for math practice, Nelson Mathematics 7 style!
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Ecosystems in Canada icon external link
The Environment Canada website describes the ecosystems in Canada.

 icon external link
Check out this site for great information about biomes and ecosystems.

Food Chains
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McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources
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Visit this site for student resources based on the textbook SciencePower 7.

Nelson Student Centre
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Just for students! Here you'll find learning tools and web-based content to support this resource.

Pearson Math Makes Sense 7
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Math practice for Grade 7 topics.

New France

Virtual Museum of New France icon external link
Tour this virtual museum to learn about life in New France.

New France, New Horizons
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A virtual exhibition describes the adventure of New France, from the first voyages of discovery, to the end of the French Regime.

British North America

British North America icon external link
Information about the creation of British North America is available here.

Canada in the Making: Constitutional History
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This website will link the events and trends in Canada's past with the government documents that illustrate the story.

Upper Canada
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An overview of Upper Canada's history; developed by Library and Archives Canada.

Lower Canada
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Information is provided about Lower Canada.

Conflict and Change

Rebellions of 1837-1838 icon external link
Check out this site for an overview of the Rebellions.

Political Polarization
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This website offers information about political situations in Early Canada, including the rebellions.

Extra Goodies

Dictionary of Canadian Biography icon external link

Operation Dialogue - Canada
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Fact Monster
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Natural Resources Canada icon external link
This website offers tons of information on topics in Canadian geography from natural resources and climate to energy and natural disasters.

Climate Change in Canada
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Information provided by Natural Resources Canada, organized by region, about climate change and its effects.

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources
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Check out this page for support materials for the textbook, Canada: The Story of Our Heritage.

Rader’s Geography4Kids
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