Grade 8 Resources



Wired Math icon external link

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources icon external link 
Check out this link to resources supporting McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s Mathematics 7: Making Connections.

Nelson Student Centre

Practice your math along with Nelson’s Math Focus 8 icon external link

Practice math skills with Nelson Mathematics 8
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Pearson Math Makes Sense 8
 icon external link


Confederation for Kids icon external link

Confederation icon external link
Take a look at this interactive, informative slideshow/movie about Confederation from McCord Museum, complete with digitized museum holdings.

The Canadian West icon external link
This website provides information about the development of Western Canada.

The Riel Rebellions icon external link

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources icon external link
This link leads to resources for textbook Canada: The Story of a Developing Nation



Rader's Geography4Kids icon external link
This website has loads of geography related materials to dive into!

The Peopling of Canada icon external link
This online tutorial examines the movement of people into Canada and between regions during one of Canada's most important migration periods, 1891-1921.

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources icon external link
Check out this page for support materials for the textbook, Canada: The Story of Our Heritage.


Cell Structures and Processes icon external link

Rader's Biology4Kids icon external link

Cell Theory icon external link

Matter icon external link

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Student Resources
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Visit this site for student resources based on the textbook SciencePower 8. 

Nelson Student Centre
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Just for students! Here you'll find learning tools and web-based content to support this resource.