The Soldiers of Halla

D.J. MacHale
The Soldiers of Halla
The tenth book in the Pendragon Series, follows the Travelers back home to learn about their origins. Meanwhile, Saint Dane continues his hold on Halla, destroying its very foundations.

The Shadows

Jacqueline West
The Shadows
First book in the Elsewhere series. Meet Olive who has just moved in to an old Victorian mansion, and finds herself caught up in a dark and mysterious plan involving paintings, an angry 9 year old boy and three talking cats.

Stargazer Patrick Carmen
Twelve year old Alexa and her companions unwittingly lead Abaddon, now in the form of an enormous horrible sea monster, to the secret community known as the Five Stone Pillars.
Falling In Frances O’Roark Dowell
Falling In
Middle schooler Isabelle Bean follows a mouse’s squeak into a closet and falls into a parallel universe. When she arrives, the inhabitants think she’s a witch, come to devour them.

Goblin Secrets

William Alexander
Goblin Secrets
Having just escaped from the evil witch Graba, Rownie joins a troupe of Goblin performers in an attempt to find his lost brother.

Savvy Ingrid Law
The Beaumont family is special. They each possess a unique “savvy” or magical power that appears at age 13. Mibs, soon to be 13 learns that her father is in danger. Follow her on her quest to save her father, and also to discover her unique magic.
Reckless Cornelia Caroline Funke
12 year old Jacob discovers a magic mirror that is a portal to another realm—Mirrorworld. As Jacob travels back and forth, he takes fairy tale objects for profit, but when his younger brother discovers the portal, things take a turn for the worse!

Ghostopolis Doug TenNapel
Accidentally transported to the spirit world by ghosts, Garth Hale must team up with some unlikely allies to escape from the evil ruler who wants to steal his unique power.
Seeds of Rebellion Brandon Mull
Seeds of Rebellion
Second book in the Beyonders Series, Jason returns to Lyrian to share life saving information while Rachel and her companions encounter new enemies and struggle to recruit a vital ally.

Wildwood Colin Meloy
Prue McKeel’s baby brother has just been stolen by crows! On a quest to rescue him, Prue ventures into the Impassible Wilderness, a dark and magical forest. Soon she finds herself involved in a war between the Wilderness inhabitants.

Anne Ursu
Hazel and Jack are best friends until an accident with a magical mirror and a run in with an evil queen separate the two. Hazel, now alone, ventures into an enchanted wood to save Jack’s life.


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